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About the online service

PRV's online service Swedish Patent Database is a search service which covers:
  • Swedish patents
  • Swedish public patent applications
  • European patents (EP patents) validated in Sweden
  • EP applications published under §88 of the Patents Act
  • Granted EP patents where Sweden is designated (searchable in the database for six months from the EPO's grant date)
  • Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC's) and extension of SPC's
The patent database includes all the information and documents from 1885 until the present day which are in PRV's archives.
Limited patent documentation is currently not available for viewing regarding granted EP patents where Sweden is designated. This will soon be available with the forthcoming upgrade of the database.
The database covers
The database covers searchable full text for all patent documents, as well as bibliographic data, classification, information about legal status, fees and register information, links to File Inspection, and most of the notification that are published in the Swedish Patent Gazette. Among notifications that are not searchable are decisions on reinstitution of rights (Section 72 of the Swedish Patents Act) and limitations of Swedish patents and European patents. Among notifications regarding Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC), only new applications and granted SPC's are searchable.

The Swedish Patent Database reflects information from the Patent Office’s diary of patent applications and the patent register. Use the information with caution, and note that c.f. late information on payment from banks and decisions of reinstitution of rights (Section 72 of the Swedish Patents Act) can result in a change of the registered validity of a patent, namely that a patent registered as not in force actually is in force.

For material older than 1990, the information may be incomplete and insufficient. For many old documents, only the publication number, classification and images of published patent documents are available. The search results are shown as a hit list, from which you can go to full a record.

The applications that were made public on 1968-07-01 and did not lead to a later patent have no classification and can only be searched using the application number (format: YYNNNNN) and text. Applications that were made available to the public between 1968-07-01 and 1971-01-01 and did not lead to a patent cannot be searched in the Swedish Patent Database, but information about them is available in the Swedish Patent Gazette.

The Swedish Patent Database should provide the contents of PRV's public register information correctly. Occasionally divergences occur. The reason for this is that the Swedish Patent Database shows information from PRV's earlier system in which the information is insufficient. If you find any errors we would be grateful if you send an error report.
The database is updated
The database is updated every night. Searches are carried out using material which is available in PRV's system with a 24-hour delay. The data related to announcements in the Swedish Patent Gazette, is updated weekly, in connection with the publication of a new gazette (Tuesday). Please note; the patent applications, that become public, the same day as the gazette is published (Tuesday), are only shown and are searchable in the Swedish Patent Database on Thursday. Other notices appear the same day as the gazette is published.
For full records, the information is retrieved in real time.
Types of search
With the help of a tab system, you can choose different types of search:

  • A "Quick Search" allows you to search by word, number or a combination of both.
  • An "Advanced Search" allows you to combine different search criteria and search more specifically.
  • A "Classification Search" makes it possible to search by technical field.
  • A "SPC Search" makes it possible to search through applications for supplementary protection, granted supplementary protection certificates and information about extension of supplementary protection certificates.
Search results
A search produces a list of hits, where some information can be clicked to access full records. The hit list can be sorted by clicking the headings for the different columns. The columns for classification and applicants are sorted by the first classification/applicant. Via the full records you have access to further information pages and online services, such as File Inspection and electronic payment.
System requirements
The online service requires that JavaScript is enabled in your browser. If you are using Internet Explorer as your web browser you need to use the compatibility mode in IE11 to access all features of this service.