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Please contact Patent support if you have questions regarding the Swedish Patent Database.

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If you have filled in your contact details, we will notify you within ten working days of any action taken regarding your comments. Enquiries will normally be answered within 24 hours (only applies to working days, Monday - Friday).

Personal data and public access
PRV is a government authority and is therefore obliged to save any data that is of more than minor significance to the authority's work. This means that comments received via PRV:s website may be saved as public documents at PRV. If requested, these documents, including personal data, can be disclosed to the public. Otherwise PRV does not forward personal information submitted via the website. Only in those cases where it is clear that the message has reached the wrong recipient will the message be forwarded to the correct recipient. The personal data provided by you will only be used to contact you, and will not be used for any other purpose.